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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2167 red elfin
Ye Wanwan immediately appeared rear.
Haitang picture a review of the man who spoke prior to pulling Ye Wanwan and dragging her out of doors.
The Martial Arts Training Union imprisoned us about this area presently, but he considered they still don’t have any purposes of negatively affecting us?
Having said that, when viewing Haitang again now, Ye Wanwan’s sensations have been different from just before.
A leader’s eye sparkled when he spotted Haitang.
When she was staying sent into the island, she seen that the motorboat journey took a long time, so, just how does Ji Xiuran get away?
Haitang dragged out a message and handed it to Ye Wanwan following a second of considered.
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Section A was where Haitang and her class were definitely situated while Ye Wanwan once was at Area B. In terms of District C, it absolutely was significantly farther away on the reverse side from the tropical island.
“Ji Xiuran said the Karate Union might not have intentions of doing harm to us, so he informed us not to ever be concerned right now,” Haitang claimed.
“No way right… Ji Xiuran believed I would personally get captured on this page?” Ye Wanwan was astonished. Don’t let me know Ji Xiuran is a clairvoyant…
From Haitang’s explanation, Ye Wanwan learned that this destination was broken into three main districts—A, B, and C—and those of the center typically didn’t communicate with other districts and rarely ran into other individuals.
District A was where Haitang and her group of people were actually situated while Ye Wanwan was previously at Region B. Concerning District C, it turned out a lot farther away on the other side on the tropical isle.
Even so, on finding Haitang again now, Ye Wanwan’s sensations were actually distinctive from before.
The novice was none other than Haitang.
“…” Ji Xiuran’s reason is pretty unique…
How does Ji Xiuran get it done???
Right before Ye Wanwan could feel further, a woman whose long your hair attained her midsection accessed. Once the girl discovered Ye Wanwan, astonishment came into her view, and she referred to as, “Xiao Feng!”
The Martial Arts Union jailed us within this area presently, still he idea they still don’t possess any purposes of hurting us?
“Forget about this now. Haitang, where’s Ji Xiuran?” Ye Wanwan pressed.
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When Ye Wanwan first showed up inside the Separate Express and pretended to get Leader Fearless, she once attained Haitang within a collecting between the key factions.
Haitang taken a glance at the guy who spoke prior to pulling Ye Wanwan and pulling her outside the house.
“Who do you consider Ji Xiuran is? They wanted to snare him within this tiny destination? I’m scared it’s not so effortless,” Haitang addressed.
“Ji Xiuran explained the Martial Arts Union may not have objectives of damaging us, so he instructed us to not ever worry in the meantime,” Haitang claimed.

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